Friday, 25 July 2014

Attack, Zulu's and random ramblings

Last Sunday I was taken out for the day by my chaffeur Nathan, with Pingu in the back "resting his eyes".  No matter where we go, what time we go or who drives, he has a nap, poor old fella.

Bless him, he looks all worn out.  It must have been the vast amount he didn't spend at Attack.  It was a pleasant day out, but we are not sure we will be going back as it takes as long to get there as it does to get to Reading which is a bigger show.  My purchases were limited to a can of Necrotic Flesh spray paint for zombie painting and a copy of Duel in the Dark on the bring & buy.  Oh, and some extra D10s for In her Majesties Name.

Monday night was Zulu night, as the Chuckadice lads got together to refight Nathan's Rorke's Drift scenario.  Zulus under the command of myself, Andy and Pingu were attacking the defenders, commanded by Lt Chard(Zob), Lt Bromhead(Colin) and Colour Sgt Bourne(Nathan).
 Suffice to say, the heavy fire from the hospital quickly drove off the few Zulu's in front of them, but the lesser fire from the store only slowed down the advance.  Eventually the Zulu's reached the building and some redcoats were felled.

On the other side the British line looked pretty solid and was holding well for longer than expected.

 Andy looks pensive as he prepares to receive the British fire.  Not much cover down there, so losses were pretty heavy as the Zulu's advanced.
 The store is attacked, as only a few men could fire out the loopholes. 
 Zulu's reach the defences, but were unable initially to break through the line.  Bayonets lunged and Zulu's fell, but the occasional Redcoat fell too.

 Zulu's get around the side and into the building, but its a dead end and the British fired through the window, killing the Zulu warriors. 
 The 2nd wave reaches the defenders, again taking horrendous losses.  Eventually the British will weaken, won't they?

Sniping from the hill finally took effect, with 3 hits on the British reserves as they finished the redoubt and moved to reinforce the wall.
 Bromhead's line was also holding firm, despite Pingu's best efforts to break through.  He did manage to break in momentarily, but Bromhead gathered a few men and drove the Zulu's back out again.

At the same time the Zulu's broke into the main store rooms, driving the few defenders back wounded.  It's was starting to look a bit problematic for the Brits, but at least Chard was holding his section......
Then Chard was driven back suddenly as all his men fall to some damned lucky dice from Andy.  Four d10, 3 of them were 8+, killing 3 defenders and forcing Chard to retreat.  This is were we left it, to be finished next Monday.  The Zulu's are in the compound and threatening the store, but the British still have quite a few men left and should hold, probably......well maybe......

In other news, I have been sick as a dog again.  The new anti-nausea tablets I am on are rubbish so it's back to see the quack again this week.  Hopefully something will sort out soon, as it's impacting work quite noticeably now.  I have managed to paint a few bits, so expect some pictures next week hopefully.

Off now so catch you all later.

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