Monday, 7 April 2014

Stupid insomnia

Well its 12.45am and yet again I can't get to sleep.  Dropped off for about 30 minutes and now I am wide awake again.  Let's just say I am not impressed.

Anyway, I might as well update this just to annoy all of you (well, the few who read it anyway).  I have finished some more figures, again for Nathan rather than myself.  After painting some Zulu's last time, it's now the turn for some British infantry to face them.  A mixture of Black Tree Design and Empress Miniatures again, these came out pretty well I think, although the trousers look brighter in the picture than they do in reality.  Well, I hope he likes them anyway.

The Empress figures are nicer, being more realistic in proportion and detail than the the Black Tree ones, but both are very good figures and, too be honest, the Black Tree figures are much easier to paint.  The nicest figures are probably the Defenders of Rorkes Drift set,with Hook drinking brandy and Colour Sergeant Bourne being my favourites.  Next up are some Empress gun crew and 2 Boer types to lead his NNC troops.

In other news, I have started listing Gus' remaining stuff on eBay. More will go on every time that eBay have a free listing weekend, but we are getting through it now.  Now if anybody who reads this is interested in a mass of unpainted 6mm Napoleonic Allies and/or French for Waterloo, I can do you a deal!  There appears to be enough to do the entire Allied and French orders of battle here, all unpainted except for the Brunswickers.  I have never seen so many unpainted 6mm figures.

It is now less than a week until Salute and must say that I am looking forward to it.  I have missed the last few years, either through working nights or being skint, sick or otherwise engaged.  It will be nice to get there again and have a look at all the traders new releases.  Planned purchases are limited, a box of Victrix new plastic Peltasts and hopefully some Cataphract types to complete my Ancients cavalry horde.  This plan will probably last about 5 minutes once I am in the place, something will jump out at me and I'll fold like a wet paper bag, but for now at least I have a plan. 

Ah well, its now gone past 1am and I am going to go and watch some crap on the TV in the vain hope that it will send me to sleep.  Catch you all next time and keep rolling those dice.


  1. Nice Brits Jason, the sleep thing is not so good. I'm off to Rome on Wednesday for Will's 18th which is why I am missing club and Salute, so have a good show, I really enjoyed it last year.

    1. Thanks JJ. Have a nice trip, see you in May.

  2. Jason have you tried listening to a Wargaming podcast...not that they are dull (on the contrary with some of them) but I've found them quite soporific when I need it...??
    See you on Saturday!

    1. Hi Mervyn, I have tried audiobooks, but not wargaming podcasts. I'll give it a go next time. See you on Saturday.