Friday, 18 April 2014

Cold War CoC part 2

So, here I go again.

Having done some digging on the inter-web and trawled through my various books on tanks, AFVs and anti-tank weapons, I have come to the following conclusion.  I'm going to have to guesstimate some of the factors for this as the quoted details vary so greatly.  As an example, the M72 LAWs armour penetration is stated as being anything from 150mm to 350mm and an effective range from 150 to 200m.  That is one hell of a variation for a 66mm rocket.  Here is what I am going with so far

                            AP     HE     Range
M72 LAW            5         2      0-9", 9-18"                               1 shot
Carl Gustav          9         4      0-9", 9-18", 18-24", 24-36"      2 crew
RPG-7                  7         3      0-9", 9-18", 18-24"                   2 crew

I am ignoring missile systems such as Sagger and Milan as their ranges are so long you wouldn't use them at table top range.

Vehicle stats, these are very open to interpretation as well so this is what I am looking at.

                     Speed     Armour  AP    HE  
Spartan           Fast          2          0     MG     Small, Smoke Screen, carry 5   
Scorpion         Fast          2          8      4        Small, Smoke Screen
Fv432          Average      2           0    MG     Smoke Screen, carry 10
Chieftain        Slow        12        16     6        Smoke Screen
BMP-1           Fast          2          6       4        Smoke Layer, carry 8
BMP-2           Fast          2          5       6        Smoke Layer, carry 8
T-55            Average       9         12      5        Smoke Layer.  ERA

Smoke Screen is a one use system that lays a smoke screen in front of the vehicle.  In the case of the Scorpion and Chieftain it is on the turret, so its in front of the turrets facing.  Smoke Layer lays a smoke screen behind the vehicle and can be used repeatedly.  ERA is something I have not really worked out yet.  Possibly allow the tank to reroll some dice when defending against hits?  Also, the BMPs allow troops to fire from inside it, not sure how to include that as it appears that the fire is inaccurate to say the least.

Platoon wise, the British are fairly straightforward.
Command Section in Fv432 or Sultan
LT - Senior Leader with SMG or SLR
Platoon Sergeant - Senior Leader with SMG or SLR
Signaller - SLR or SMG and Radio
One Soldier - SLR and 51mm mortar
Three Sections each in an Fv432 or two Spartans
Sergeant - Junior Leader with SLR or SMG
Six Soldiers- SLRs, some may have M72 LAWs as well
One Soldier - GPMG

The Russians are fairly straighforward too, although they have only 3 vehicles per platoon.
Command Section in BMP
Leytenant - Senior Leader with Ak47
Serzhánt - Junior Leader with Ak47
One Soldier - Ak47 and Radio
Three Soldiers - Ak47, some may have RPG-18(M72 copy)
One Soldier - PKM belt fed MG
One Soldier - RPG-7 and Ak47
Two Sections each in BMP
Serzhánt - Junior Leader with Ak47
Five Soldiers - Ak47, some may have RPG-18(M72 copy)
One Soldier - RPK magazine LMG
One Soldier - RPG-7 and Ak47

Support options are in the pipeline and may well take some time to get sorted out.  M72/RPG-18s and Carl Gustavs, plus tripod SFMGs etc, the list goes on.

So, that's it so far.  I am working on it slowly, but real life and family get in the way of gaming occasionally(or all the time).  Nathan is coming over now so hopefully I will have a report of how it plays tomorrow.  Keep rolling those dice folks, catch you later.


  1. Question, what would you think about reducing the scale for the moderns? Say 15 or 10mm miniatures to allow more room on the table top to be present. That way the Saggers and Milans would have a role on the table. Still keep it the platoon level game but with longer ranges to match the weapons capabilities.

    1. I will try that after I have painted up my 15mm forces. I have had a thought about ATGWs and how to use them, but its just a general idea at the moment. I will do some more thinking on it and elaborate in a future post.