Friday, 3 May 2013

Black Powder ACW, 15mm painting and Legionary 2013

Mondays game was a nice ACW bash put on by Nathan.

Gus eyes up the opposition.
Paul/Panjo/Pingu looking laid back
 Gus and I had command of the Union forces while Nathan and Paul took the Confederates.  It was a refight of Pickett's Charge from Gettysburg. 

Nathan/Stumpy/Toxic looking less laid back
True to history, the Confederates failed to drive the valiant boys in blue off of the ridge.  Paul was hindered by his inability to roll 9 or less on 2d6.  Three consecutive rolls went 10, 12 and 11.  Oh how we chuckled (from the safety of the Union lines). 

Despite his best efforts the rebs did manage to get some charges in, but never enough to drive the Union troops back and, as his third unit broke and fled the field of battle, Paul conceded defeat and went to make the tea.

The rebs advance towards the blue line
The general consensus was the Black Powder seemed to work better for this period than it did for the Sudan.  We are giving it another go on Monday, with a more general battle than last time.  Should be fun.

Painting has been going fairly well this week.  I have painted up a total of 10 jeeps, 4 for Nathan and 6 for myself.  Nathan has had his already, but here are some pictures of my 6. 

I also snuck in a lone kubelwagen and a US para cart being pulled by 2 mules men.

Final additions to the painted list was another US Paratrooper platoon, metal this time instead of plastic.  I have sorted through some of my unpainted lead and found that I have more US paras than I will ever need, so I sorted a few out to paint and sell on.

They will probably end up on the bring and buy at Legionary 2013 tomorrow.  This is a great local show, going from strength to strength as each year passes.  In the last few years it has been moved from the university, into the city center and is now held at the local cattle market, which is much easier to get too and has ample parking.  You can definitely smell the country air in this building.  Odour aside, and it fades away after about 10 minutes, the venue is pretty good with lots of space and decent light.  Gus and I are putting on a Chain of Command game, while Nathan is helping JJ on his Napoleonic game.  Come along and say hello if you are in the area.

 Have fun and keep rolling those dice.

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