Sunday, 19 May 2013

Battlegroup Overlord game and missing spray paints.

Hello again.  Yet another 15mm WW2 game played last Wednesday.  Nathan came over with his new and shiny copy of Battlegroup Overlord.  Gus was meant to be coming over but had a bad day with his ongoing treatment, so it was left to myself and Nathan.

The bazooka takes out a Puma
Battlegroup Overlord seems to play pretty well, Nathan having seen off a British force at the last meeting of the Devon Wargames Group.  This time we played a 500pt game, with his Germans taking on my US Paras.  He had a platoon of grenadiers, 3 Stugs, 3 big armoured cars, a supply train and some mortars off table.  The Paras had 2 platoons of infantry, 2 recce Jeeps, 1 AA 50cal on a jeep and a forward observer with artillery on call. 

Another Puma smokes as a mortar round lands
US Paras occupy the church
 The game started well for the Germans, but as it went on a lack of infantry told and the superior fire of two US platoons wore him down.  A heroic move and fire by a Bazooka team killed his first Puma and, when his second was taken out as well, it triggered a quick slump in his armys morale.  My pulling "Beyond the Call of Duty" tokens three times instead of losing morale points helped.  The forward observer did nothing all game, while Nathans mortars kept banging away and pinning my 50cal and mortar team.

 It was a good game again, different from Chain of Command, but enjoyable.  Nathan would have been better off with 20mm armed armoured cars instead of Pumas, just like I would have been better off with a 57mm AT gun.  Its useful that figures based for CoC also work for BGO, which almost justifies me having 2 full platoons of US Paras.  Well, sort of anyway.

The rest of the week was spent in pain as my stomach rebelled against something I had eaten, but I have no idea what it was.  I did manage to get a bit more painting done though, with some 15mm French Old Guard Grenadiers joining the done list. 
Nathan commiserates by sucking his thumb!

And here is another picture just to annoy Nathan.  What are you doing?

I have a slight problem with painting vehicles at the moment as no one seems to have any of the Flames of War spray paints in mid/late German or British green.  It does mean I can focus on the infantry I need to paint first, but I felt like painting some tanks.  Ah well.

Now this is where I would tell you what we are playing tomorrow night.....but I can't remember what was agreed.  Doh! 

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