Sunday, 27 January 2013

Penarth, purchases and other such things.

Yesterday I went to Crusade up in Penarth, along with Pingu, Gus and Nathan.  For once we had no hold ups and left on time.  One quick(ish) run up the motorway and we arrived in sunny Cardiff.  Yes it was sunny, which makes a change to how I remember Wales from my youth.  Quickish is because Nathan has a tracker device fitted to his work car and he gets a slapped wrist for going over the speed limit.  hehehe

We got to the show, paid our £4 to get in and off we went.  As usual, Crusade is a nice show and we all had a good few hours of browsing and spending.  My purchases were not too numerous but I did wander a bit off my list.  The shopping list had some Peter Pig AWI figures from Wargame Emporium, a 4ground cart and baggage loads and some 4ground 15mm fences from Colonel Bill and some 15mm livestock from Magister Militum.  Purchases were all the above plus some Conquest 28mm Norman knights from Dave Thomas, some Coat d'Arms horse colours from someone and some brushes from em4.  So I didn't stray too far, but there were a few other things that were close to being bought.

Nathan bought a Games Workshop green mat and some FoW figures on the bring and buy.  Gus had 50 packs of Peter Pig ACW for the forthcoming Longstreet rules, some 4ground fences and some Coat d'Arms paints as well.  Pingu bought some Vixen Zombies by Wargames Factory, some Coat d'Arms paints, some carts and loads and other stuff that I can't remember.  All in all we did pretty well and everybody came away happy.

Highlight of the day for me was meeting Rich Clarke of the Too Fat Lardies and getting to see his new rules being tested.  Chain of Command looks like a cracking set for small skirmish actions.  The pre-game sequence is quick and works well at getting your troops close to the opposition so the action is on right from the start.  The dice rolling system for command initiative is excellent.  Pingu managed to get 3 turns in a row, which had it looking a bit dicey for a while for Nathans Germans, but then Nathan came back and slapped the Brits about a bit, winning the game.   They both enjoyed playing it, I would of had a go but was feeling pretty sick by then and left it to the little and large duo.  They will definitely be on the shopping list when they come out.  I will now have to get some 25mm WW2 figures, like I had and recently sold on ebay as I wasn't doing 25mm WW2 anymore! 

On the way back the usual happened.
Pingu went to sleep.  Poor old fella was worn out by the end of the day, apparently its what happens to gentlemen of his vintage!

 Anyway, all in all it was a damn good day.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was nice to have a day out with the lads.

Roll on the next one.

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