Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dux (again), painting and random thoughts

Monday night was Dux night as the peaceful land of the Britons was, yet again, raided by the Saxons.  Zob brought his Saxons to my land and thought to raid a village.  My Britons arrived and fought him off with very few losses on my part.  The game was rife with bad dice rolls, in combat for Zob and movement for me.  This meant that he initiated all the fights as I could never catch him, but I won all the fights as he couldn't hit.  The end result saw the Saxons morale break and they all legged it, leaving behind 16 dead Saxons and all the loot.  The Britons lost a total of 4 men and I won by 12!  The table only goes up to a win by 7, so I have gained a unit of javelinmen and am ready to fight again next month.  Zob will take 2 months to get his men back, so he isn't raiding next month.  Colin and Nathan had free raids as Andy and Panjo were mustering troops after heavy losses in their first battles. So far the campaign is going well, with Colin raiding Andy and Nathan raiding me next month.

Painting is still going on, with Napoleonic Prussians and AWI Indians finished, but more Napoleonics going on tomorrow.  Not bad though, over 100 15mm figures done so far, along with some 25mm figures and buildings.  I have just placed another order with those nice people at Warbases, this time for some round trays with 1p holes in them, some 30x30mm bases for Maurice and some 25mm Palisades from their AWI range.  These will be used as the wall around my Dark Ages village in case the Saxons come raiding.

Wargames show season is nearly here again, with Crusade in Penarth opening its doors on the 26th.  Four of the Monday night gang are going up, with pennies in their hot little hands to pass to assorted traders.  I will be after some 15mm fences, possibly some more AWI figures and maybe a cart or two for Dux.  Apart from that, anything shiny and new will probably end up in my bag.  I am hoping to see a few friends at the show, so if you are going say hello.  I'm the ugly, over-weight, bearded bloke.  Yes, that doesn't narrow it down much does it.  :)

Well, back to the grind.  Keep rolling those dice folks.


  1. Curious as to how you got to +12 on the raid results table? :)

    1. The Saxons lost their army morale, giving me all their fate cards to go with my own. There were a lot of pursuit cards in the 10 cards I had. We have learnt very quickly to retreat before you get to nil points on the morale table.

    2. ISTR (rules are downstairs and I'm not ;) ) that losing force morale makes you discard your hand, not give it away.

    3. Oops, so it does. That'll teach us not to read the rules properly. We have had force morale go twice and the first time it happened they said you get the losers card. When it happened in our game we just assumed they were right and did the same. Thanks for enlightening me Mike.