Friday, 13 January 2012

Warbases buildings

Warbases modular buildings were a Christmas present from my sister and her husband. Having seen them on Olicanalads blog, I thought I would ask for them as they looked so good. They are excellent, both as value for money and how they look when finished. I received a total of 8 buildings, 2 of each of the types that Warbases make. They are laser-cut mdf, with interlocking walls and some have brickwork etched into them, so it looks like the plaster has crumbled away. They all come with a selection of doors, windows and shutters, so the variety is endless. A bit of filling along the edges, I used decorators caulk, to cover the seams and they were ready for painting. I painted them with a cheap tube acrylic from a local branch of the Range, stippled on with a fairly stiff brush.

The first one I did became a blacksmith type building, with 1 large and 1 small door, plus a small window at each end and an added chimney made from foamcore. The roof is a Wills pantile sheet, which is cunningly exactly the right size!

Then I got a bit more creative and made a small compound. Three buildings put together made a nice house, with another of the small buildings as a shed. All on a plywood base, with walls of foamcore. All told this setup has cost £10 for the buildings, £2 for the plywood and £3 for the roofs. The paint and grass I had already, so all in all its not bad for £15. Technically its a bit less than that as I used 2.5 sheets of pantiles from a pack of 4 sheets. The door into the courtyard is 2 double doors from the buildings back to back. The only thing I am thinking of doing is capping the walls with some form of stone. The buildings are loose, so can be removed to be used elsewhere or to show occupiers.

Well, there they are anyway. Cheap, easy to make and simple to paint up. I will get some balsa wood as I like the additional bits Olincanalad put on his, but that will be another day.

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  1. Excellent work.
    I have been copying your style for my Nap village