Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's been a while

Yes, I'm crap at updating this blog. I shall endeavour to improve my rate of posts this year!

An update on the year may be a thought. 2011 is over, so lets move on. I am painting figures for people on a fairly regular basis now. I have a few regular customers who keep coming back so it can't be all bad. It's mostly Flames of War, but there is also a regular feed of 15mm Napoleonics going to Cornwall. It has been sporadic enough that I have got a part time job to top up the income, so Tesco get me stacking shelves on Saturday and Sunday nights, plus a few others if the overtime is available. Its not ideal, but needs must and all that. It does mean time with my wife is in short supply, so I make the most of evenings with her now, which has impacted a bit on my gaming. But not on Mondays! Monday night wargaming is sacrosanct.

Painting things for myself has taken a back seat. Between painting for others, working at Tesco and managing a colts rugby team, there is not a lot of spare time. I did get a few things done though. 15mm Italians and Falschirmjagers for PBI, some gladiators and some beautiful resin ships.

Anyway, other posts will follow today, and hopefully a bit more often than they did last year. There are a few pictures of some of the stuff I have painted here

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