Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dystopian Wars

Spartan Games came out with Dystopian Wars a while ago and myself and Gus got into it after seeing the models one day. They are lovely, very sharp cast resin with detail that is amazing. There are four main factions, British, Prussian, American and Japanese. Being average wargamers we decided to do two fleets each. Why only do one when there are four available? Gus took the dastardly Prussians and the irritating Americans, leaving me with the valiant British and honourable Japanese.

The fleet box gives you enough to play the game, with a battleship, 3 cruisers, some frigates, 2 bomber and lots of fighters. Of course, that wasn't enough so we promptly bough dreadnoughts and carriers too. What can I say, they are big and pretty and new and stuff.

After playing a few games we had a fair idea of what worked for different fleets. The rules are easy to pick up, but it needs careful consideration to get the best out of a ship.

The Germans have special generators and weapons, while the Americans have a very good long range firepower due to rockets and rapid fire cannons. The Japanese also have rockets, but lack the long range guns of the yanks. What they do get is a mechanical squid, which is awesome!

The fleet I completed first is the Royal Navy of her Majesty Queen Victoria. Obviously by far the best navy in the world because, well, they are British! Leading the fleet is HMS Prince of Wales (aka HMS Lardarse). The British dreadnought is the fattest ship on the oceans, but its 6 turrets and 2 shield generators also make it one of the hardest. It is supported by the carrier HMS Warrior, which can also stand up to a fair battering. It has a large light deck mounted on two (yes, two) battleship hulls. HMS Empress is the battleship, formerly command ship of the fleet until Lardarse arrived. The tribal class cruiser squadron has HMS' Zulu, Gurkha and Maori. Solid ships, they can replace a gun turret with a shield generator, but why would you? The 3 escort squadrons have a total 9 attacker class frigates between them. The aerial corps have provided a pair of bombers and two mighty war gyros. The fighters are also done, but I decided to rebase them and they have been delayed by painting for other people.

Anyway, there they are. A mighty armada ready to defend her majesty's empire from all aggressors. I decided to base the ships as they have torpedoes and it makes it a lot easier to see the fire lane if the ship is based. Also it looks nice.

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