Sunday, 8 February 2015

PAW 2015, Vietnam Armour and don't mention the rugby

This weekend saw the annual Plymouth wargames show, aka PAW, take place.  I managed a quick visit whilst on the way down to visit my mum and was surprised.  This show does seem to be going from strength to strength, with more traders and games each year.  I didn't take any pictures, or spend much time there, as Tina was waiting outside for me but I did manage to get hold of a box of Perrys Men-at-Arms for my forthcoming Lion Rampant force.  For a better review of the show, plus some cracking photos, pop over to JJ's blog. 

I have finally finished some of my Vietnam vehicles, for planned games of Charlie don't surf and modern(ish) Chain of Command.  My previously painted ANZAC platoon has now got some armoured transport and heavy support in the shape of some M113s, an M113-FSV and a Centurion.

But it's not just the forces of democracy, freedom and apple pie that have tanks, the PAVN have also been bolstered by the arrival of a T-54 and PT-76.  Just need to get some infantry for them now.  Oh, and I am waiting for the delivery of some weathering pigments, so all these will eventually be muddied up.

  Following my last post, I also rearranged the standard bearers on the 79th unit so they are the right way around. 

Stupid period anyway. ;-)

Finally, just to shock us all, Nathan has finally updated his blog with not just one but two whole posts.  Pop over there and amaze yourselves at the wit and intelligence exhibited by the shortest wargamer in Devon.

TTFN and see you next time

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