Thursday, 5 February 2015

More bad nights means more figures painted

It's been another week and I'm still here.  A few bad nights again resulted in me painting and basing various things.  My Napoleonic mojo has left the building now and I give fair notice, I will never ever paint Napoleonic Highlanders in 28mm ever again..........EVER!

I only had 23 to paint, trying to match the already painted one that was here.  That was all, just 23 figures.  Doesn't sound like a lot does it, but they nearly broke me.  Bloody tartan, stupid patterned socks, damnable bonnets!  I hates them I does.  I thought they were bad in 15mm but I was wrong. 

Anyway, here they are in all their misery. 
 They are supposed to be the 79th "Queens Own Cameron Highlanders", which served in Egypt, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and France during the Napoleonic War.  Busy little beggars weren't they? 

I also cracked on with some basing of other figures that I have had here for a while.  I believe this lot are French Tirallieurs Grenadiers of the Young Guard, but don't quote me on that.  Again there are 24 of them, but I just based these ones as they were painted when I got them.

As were these 20 Austrian infantry.  So I have based these up as well. 

Other news is I have been to my first show of 2015.  Four of the Chuckadice crew made the trip up to Crusade in Penarth and a fine time was had.  Thanks to Nathan for driving us up the wall to Wales and the members of the Penarth and District Wargames Society for putting on the show.  Caught up with a few people, looked at some games and browsed the traders.  Sadly there were a few no shows from the former regulars, such as Dave Thomas, which meant that nobody had any Flames of War stuff or Perrys Mounted Men-at-Arms.  This was a problem as my shopping list consisted of 2 things, some FoW PAVN infantry and a box of Mounted Men-at-Arms.  Borrocks!  So instead I bought a box of Plastic Soldier Company M4 Shermans and a pack of 4ground Rendered Walls, both in 15mm.  See the similarity to my list?  No, neither do I.  Here's hoping for better luck at PAW on Saturday. 

Monday night was spent fighting off a Dervish horde in Nathan's Sudan campaign.  Colonel Pingers was in charge, ineptly assisted by Major Blunder (aka me).  Despite Nathan's best efforts the Brits managed to hold off the Dervish masses and seized the town, so things are looking better for the Empire this week.  Hopefully Nathan will put a report on his blog at some point.

I have also cracked on with some Vietnam period armour, but it's not quite finished yet so no pictures just yet.  Tomorrow night will mostly be spent shouting at the TV as the 6 Nations kicks off in Cardiff.  Catch you all later, I am off now.


  1. Your painting is fine, very good in fact.

    Haven't you got the Union flag and the Regimental flag in the wrong positions?

    1. Damn, it would appear that you are right. See, that's another reason to never paint Highlanders again, they confused me. ;-) Thanks Jim.

  2. Highlanders are nice, but you've missed a bit on one of 'em . . . . Just sayin'.