Thursday, 21 November 2013

No pictures this time

Because I keep forgetting my camera!  Some things never change.......

Its been an interesting couple of weeks since my last post.  I have been pretty rough for the majority of it, yet again missing gaming days and other planned excursions.  It's been pretty crap, but things are improving hopefully.  We have had a new boiler fitted which only caused one leak, which was good as it was least than expected.  Unfortunately it was above the living room, so we may need to redecorate sooner than planned.  We also had a leak from the bath when the new bathroom was fitted, so we now need a new ceiling in the hallway.  Hoo hum and all that.  At least we now have hot water all the time and the radiators heat up in about 5 minutes!

The one downside was the lack of heat in my work/lounge about room.  It used to have the hot water tank in the cupboard, but now its doesn't and the drop in temperature has been considerable.  The end result is that things had to be moved so the radiator wasn't blocked off, so I am now in the process (sort of) of going through all my "old" projects and things are going to be sold-on or given away.

Painting has been slow as I feel so crap.  I have finished some more zombicide figures off, but that's been about it.  Napoleonics are still ongoing, I have some more WotR figures to paint up etc.

The poll came out in favour of doing platoons for CoC in France 1940, so that is the plan.  I want to get the following platoons, each with some support options.
1 - German Infantry (40 figures) with HMG, Pak 36, 75mm IG, PzI, PzII, PzIII, Pz38t and Sd222 support.
2 - British Infantry (28 figures) with HMG, 2pdr, 25pdr, A9, A10, A13 and CS9 support.
3 - French Infantry (40 figures) with HMG, 75mm, R35, H35, S35 and Char B support
After these I will consider getting Belgians, Dutch and possibly Polish too.  So, that's the plan for my next project anyway.

Gaming wise we finished the game of Zombicide, with Zob also getting munched but Andy, Panjo and I got away ok.  Soon we will playing the next game in the book.  Last week we had a couple of games on, Colin and Zob tried out an ACW variant of CoC that Colin is tinkering with.  Looked pretty good, but playing it showed that it needed some changes.  Panjo and Nathan played a battle in out ongoing Dux campaign.  Nathan's raid on the church did not go to plan, basically because he couldn't hit anyone.  His plan looked pretty good, but fell apart on contact with the enemy.  The end result was that Panjo won by 4, gaining 2 more warriors, a priest and some loot.  Despite some niggle between the two of them, I think they had a good game.

Tomorrow myself, Tina, Michael and Gemma have tickets for the Wales vs Tonga game in Cardiff.  I am looking forward to it, but a bit worried about being sick!  Ah well, think positive, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Right, off to go through all the crap that has come out of the boxes, drawers and cupboards and sort out stuff to get rid of.  Catch you later.

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