Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas is almost here, so we played our big game

Hello again.  Sorry its been so long since I have posted, but I have been sick and busy.  Anyway, here I am again.

What have I been doing?  Well, painting some more Napoleonic Dutch-Belgians, plus finishing off those pesky 88's with American crews.  They are all done and sent now, so its back to the Napoleonic grindstone again.  After my problems getting them, I have to give top marks to the customer service people who deal with replacement parts.  Two days after notifying them of the miscast gun I had a replacement in my hand.  Thank you kindly.

Nathan and Ian, before it all went wrong.
 Game wise, we played our big Christmas Wars of the Roses game.  The dastardly Yorkist won by having more troops, rolling more hits and generally defeating the Lancastrians all over the place.  High point was the Lancastrian Generals household troops being thrashed and routed by Yorkist militia types.  Well done Nathan. 

A view down the hall.  York is to the left.
 The Lancastrian right and center were hard pressed and eventually were defeated by weight of numbers.  The left flank was facing off against more troops, but both commanders had orders to hold their ground.  Guess which flank I was on!

 I think it went well, there were about 12 players I think and the other two tables seemed to have plenty of action.  The left flank did eventually get into action, just before two of its commanders  suddenly felt like having a Yorkie becoming a Yorkist and joined the winning side. 

Thanks to Nathan for organising it and to everybody for a fun day.  Next year I want to be in the center so I can get all my men killed!

The Lancastrian right flank combined age and ability.  JJ has the age........
Another post will be along shortly, with details of an ongoing Dux Britanniarum campaign I am involved in. 

Catch you later.

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  1. Hi J

    You sneaky photographer you!!

    Charlie is saying "I thought you said this would be the easy flank".

    Are you coming over to my place in January with Nathan?

    Have a great Xmas, I hope you've been good and that Santa brings you lots of pressies.