Thursday, 5 July 2012

What I have been upto lately

Following another weekend in hospital, I managed to get some painting done . 

First up were some M18 Hellcats by Battlefront.  These are for a nice chap in Germany who has ordered from me before a few years back.  Lovely models, but surprisingly small.  They are noticeably smaller than the M10 and Sherman, but still pack a decent punch with a 76mm gun.

After the M18s I moved onto some of my own figures.  The Devon Wargames Group, that I am a member of, do a big "Christmas" game for the December meet and this year we are doing a Wars of the Roses game.  So Perry Miniatures nice plastic figures have been purchased and several are now painted.  The first unit is Sir William Carey of Cockington, a minor knight who can raise only a single unit.

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