Thursday, 11 March 2010

Airbrush and other things

Having spent about £100 on a compressor, 2 airbrushes and assorted extras, I finally got it to paint reasonably. That is, I sprayed a test piece and it came out reasonably well painted. Tomorrow I shall mostly be spraying 15mm German armoured vehicles. I have 1 Panther, 5 Panzer IV's, 5 Stugs, 2 Hetzers and 6 Hanomags to paint! Shame that most will end up on ebay.

Talking of which, I sold 2 Flames of War platoons for a total of just over £50, so 2 more went on last Sunday. Hopefully this will top up the earnings a bit. It has also made me get the afore mentioned airbrush working, so it's been good all around.

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