Friday, 20 May 2016

Down and nearly, but not quite, out.

It's been a really bad month in several ways, so there is not much to report here.  Funding for my hopefully life-changing operation has been refused, so I am know going through the appeal process.  It seems the 70 to 80% chance of it working is not sufficient for the NHS purse holders to authorise the release of funds.  They are happy enough to fund cosmetic surgery for breast enlargements, tummy tucks or gastric bands, but not a gastric pacemaker.  It's also really pissed me off that one of these young girls who has had a breast enlargement is now sueing the NHS because she has been the subject of online abuse, so she wants a reduction and £10k in compensation.  F**K OFF.  Is it any wonder the NHS is in the state it is or that I am struggling with clinical f*****g depression?

Wargames wise, I went to Legionary a couple of weeks ago and I am going to Partizan on Sunday.  Apart from that it's been a few boardgames and sod all else.  My mojo has moved on, primarily due to how fed up I am feeling. Legionary was good and seems to be improving every year, which is good.  A few new traders, a lot of nice games and a laugh with friends so it was a good day.  I bought a box of Warlord Games Project Z Spec Ops figures, so a vast amount was not spent.  The figures are nice, although £15 for 8 plastic figures is a bit steep.  Yes they come with cards for Project Z, but if I want some more I will probably look elsewhere as they cost more than most metal figures and I am not planning on playing Project Z so the cards are pointless.  It might be a sensible move to retail them without the cards for a bit less money, as I will be buying an others elsewhere.  And don't get me started on the ridiculous price hike on the Wargames Factory Survivor figures.  The bikers look nice though........

Nothing else to report.  I am planning to pick up a few figures on Sunday, but nothing major.  It's more a social visit to see some old mates and to check out the new venue than a shopping trip.

Of course, that may well change once I get there!  Oooh, shiney does have a habit of striking when I am at shows.

Well, that's it for now.  A better update will hopefully rear it's ugly head soon, with pictures and all sorts of pretty stuff.  Take care and catch you next time.


  1. Hi J,
    I am really sorry to hear about the treatment situation. I share your frustration over the way the powers that be decide on spending priorities within the NHS and a seeming lack of accountability to the people that pay for the service in the first place. I sometimes think we need a referendum about that!

    Don't let it get you down mate and keep doing the things you can control that move the overall situation in the right direction.

    Sorry you couldn't make it to club last month. I was playing in Ian's IABSM game and suddenly recognised an old collection of figures of mine that I sold to Gus and was now part of Ian's collection. I suddenly felt Gus was at the table enjoying the action as much as us. The guys raised a glass or two to him in the pub afterwards.

    All the best mate

    1. Cheers Jon, I am feeling better now but it did knock me. Glad to see that Gus' stuff is getting some use, it's what he wanted. Enjoy your Zulu game in a couple of weeks.