Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Last one before Christmas

At this time of year it seems to be usual to look back at what has happened over the year, but I'm not going to do that.  It's not been the best year, so I'm drawing a line under it now and looking forward.  In two days it's Christmas, a time for families, happiness and good cheer etc.  More importantly(at least to me!) it's my birthday as well.  The less said about the number of years the better, the scariest thing is that I am the youngest member of the Monday Night Group and I am beyond the age that I considered "Old" when I was a teenager.

Speaking of Christmas, I believe that my Secret Santa arrived this morning.  Postie gave me a box from Germany that was promptly whipped away by my wife and hidden before I could get any more details than that.  So, whoever you are that sent it, thank you in advance.

Ah well, looking forward to things I want to do/start/finish next year.  I have decided that I have enough platoons for Chain of Command now, so that has been put on the back burner of the painting table.  I am still going to get some more for Fighting Season, but not immediately.  I am also planning to get my ever expanding lead mountain/plastic pile reduced, so planned purchases are limited.

Projects I plan to do are
1 - 28mm Crusader period.  I already have some Fireforge figures purchased for this, additional units will be needed but not until I have painted the ones I have here already.
2 - Dragon Rampant.  I am getting the rules for my birthday and aim to recycle some of the Lord of the Rings figures to play it.  Little or no purchases needed for this.
3 - 28mm Fighting Season.  I have a British platoon(Airfix figures) and some unpainted Americans(Empress).  The plan is to get the rest of the American platoon and then look at getting some insurgent types.  Also I have several Airfix vehicles to make up as well.
4 - Kings of War.  I have been put onto this set by an old friend in Plymouth who has started playing them at the Plymouth Wargames club.  I have so far only had one game and that was using historical figures with no magic, but it was an enjoyable game.  I have dug out my old Warhammer figures now and am looking at dusting them off and having a go in the new year.  Again, little in the way of purchases are needed although, as you will see, I have bought a few figures and painted some of my lead mountain for it already.

So, that's the plan.  Shows that I intend to go too are Penarth, PAW, Legionary and Partizan, plus at least two Lardy Games Days.  That's health and finances allowing of course.

So that's the plan.  The last of this years painting has also now been done.  I am planning a major reorganisation of my painting pitroom between Christmas and the New Year, so painting time will be severely limited.  What I have got painted up are 20 of my old GW Dwarves plus 4 new Reaper figures from eBay.

 First up are 10 old GW dwarf warriors, 6 with spears.  If I ever see any cheap I will get some more of the spear figures as a unit of them would be useful in Kings of War.  I did used to have over 30 of them many years ago, but when Warhammer was rewritten and Dwarves had no spears anymore I (stupidly) sold them. 

Next up are ten more Dwarves, but armed with rifles this time.  Lovely figures, I really enjoyed painting these up.

First of the Reaper figures is an Earth Elemental.
 This is a big figure, the base he is on is 50mm square and he is wider than it as you can see.  I have painted it up in a style that I saw online, I think the mixed rocks look is nicer than just plain grey or brown.  This is the "new" addition for my old Dwarf army, the Stone Priests can summon elementals to fight for them and they are pretty tough.


Finally, 3 Reaper werewolves to join my Vampire Counts army.  They will make a change from the usual skeletons and offer a fast moving and hard hitting unit.  I have attempted to paint them up in three different wolf-like colours.  From the left we have a black one, a grey one and a brown one.  I am fairly happy with them, so they will do.

So, there it is.  I am off now so it just remains to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I'll see you after Hangover Boxing Day.  Hope you all have a good one.

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