Saturday, 21 March 2015

More painting and a small amount of gaming too

It's been a pretty rough week again, not much sleep and problems with concentration have hindered pretty much everything.

I have managed to slap some more paint on lead this week though.  First up was a squad of 10 VBCW 28mm Militia from Gus' collection.  These were already undercoated and stuck to 2p's, so I just had to paint them.  They will be a welcome addition to my force, giving me enough figures now to complete the 3rd platoon of my Devonshire Royalist Company.  They don't look to bad I think, the figures themselves are lovely.  My favourite is the one I painted up as a cricketer, still in his whites.

I also painted up the US Chain of Command platoon I bought from Black Tree Design some time ago.  53 figures all told, painted in the earlier khaki/brown uniform instead of the boring green M1943 they wore later.  They also came out pretty well and will be up on eBay later as I game WW2 with 15mm figures due to space and cost.

Gaming has been restricted to a game of Blucher against Nathan.  My Prussians were handled roughly by Nathan's French with the end result being a resounding French victory.  My forces were pretty close in number of Brigades to the French, but nowhere near in terms of quality. 

My Prussians had 2 units of cavalry, 1 of infantry and a heavy artillery battery destroyed, plus a cavalry and 3 infantry reduced in strength.

The French had 8 infantry and 1 cavalry reduced in strength, but didn't lose a single unit.  At least I know where the Guard Corps and Napoleon are now.

 Off now to watch France vs England.  Don't care who wins now that the Irish have spoilt the Welsh party.  Selfish buggers!

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