Friday, 24 October 2014

Painting continues, new figures are purchased and other ramblings

Hello again, unfortunately for you all rumours of my demise have been vastly exaggerated.  I am still struggling on, painting when I can manage it and playing the occasional game.  I have been back to the hospital again, I should probably have my own bed by now.  Still no sign of any immediate fix, but new consultant and new tablets and a new plan, so it's all good (hopefully).

First up, my new purchases.  Best bargain by a country mile is the latest supplement for Chain of Command, covering actions of the US 29th Infantry Division in Normandy.  "29 Let's Go" is 32 pages of goodness for less than the price of a pint.  Scenarios, background and special amendments make this supplement both a treat and a bargain.  I am looking forward to running the scenarios for the local gamers, espescially as there are no Tigers!

My other purchases have been from the Plastic Soldier Company, with a box each of their  Early War German Infantry and Late War British Infantry joining the painting line.  The Germans will provide opponents for my BEF Highlanders and French infantry while the British will bolster my existing platoon to enable me to field a company for Battlegroup Overlord games.

15mm ANZACs
Painting has been a bit limited, both due to feeling ill and having other things on.  I did manage to paint up a couple of platoons though, so it's not all bad.  First up is the first of my Vietnam period ANZAC's.  These are Battlefront figures, bought in their recent sale and painted up and based for Charlie Don't Surf or Chain of Command.

The other platoon involved a bit more time and effort, but was quite rewarding to finally get painted.  I have had these original Bolt Action figures since they were first released many years ago.  I never had enough to make a full platoon though as for some reason I didn't buy enough.  Then I decided to reduce my collections of WW2 figures to just 15mm and sold of the painted figures I had.  So these sat in a drawer, ignored and forgotten for a long time.  Then, following a moment of madness, I contacted Warlord Games and just asked if they still had the original figures or molds?  A very nice chap called Nick spent some time finding out for me and then got back to me to say yes.  So I spent a few quid and finished off the platoon.  Having spent a few extra quid on figures in a scale I didn't use I then spent several days painting and basing them.  I actually quite enjoyed painting them, the figures are lovely to paint and I still rate the Paul Hick's sculpts as some of the best out there.

25mm US Platoon

1st Squad
2nd Squad
So, here they are.  A full platoon of three 12 man squads plus command and some support options.  Each squad has an NCO with Thompson, a BAR gunner and ten riflemen.  These are supported by three 2 man Bazooka teams, an M1919A6 LMG moving and firing, a sniper, a mortar FO, two Officers, a platoon sergeant, a radio man, an extra rifleman and a medic.  All told there are 54 figures all marked up, coincidentally, as members of the US 29th "Blue and Grey" Division.  As I don't use them they are going to go on eBay, probably on Sunday.

3rd Squad

Support and Command

Well, that's it for now.  I am off to pick up the in-laws from Exeter in a little while, so wish me luck.  Hopefully my ears will be able to stand up to 3 days of constant, inane chattering that always accompanies the meeting of my wife and her sister.  Have fun and keep rolling those dice.


  1. Big Joan coughed it a few years ago and I've managed to alienate the rest of her brood, so in-laws are a thing of the past for me!
    Good luck with the new regime. It's amazing how each consultant has a different cure. You might as well visit a bloody witch doctor, or in you case a Druid . . . ;O)

    1. I remember your "Big Joan" stories Gaz, always gave me a chuckle. I have fallen out with most of Tina's family, but there's just the one sister who I get along with. As much as I complain she isn't that bad. It's just the bleeding ears I get from the two of them talking so much, I don't think the even pause for breathe.
      New tablets are so far doing sod all, but he said it would take a couple of weeks to work. He ho, keep smiling. Hope your ok mate.