Friday, 17 January 2014

More painting, more gaming...........

Well its been another week and things are ticking along fairly well.  I have done a fair bit of painting and a bit of gaming too.  Painting has been a varied mix, with a couple of units of 15mm Napoleonic British getting done, as well as a 1944 British platoon with a pair of Cromwells as support, a T-35 and a pair of Katyushas.
Light Battalion
Not light Battalion
The two British battalions are for "Cornish" Keith, part of his ongoing plan to have every British unit at Waterloo apparently.
Peter Pig British Platoon
FoW Cromwells
The WW2 British are joining the ever expanding line of CoC platoons that I have.  I did plan to do the French 1940 platoon, but these figures were inherited from Gus and came already undercoated in black and stuck to pennies, so I thought I should do them first.  The two Cromwells have been in a "glued together but unpainted" state for over a year.  I felt a bit guilty as the other two were done long long ago.
Zvezda Katyushas and Peter Pig crew
Zvezda T-35 (because I could)
Why I have bought and painted the T-35 and Katyushas is beyond me, other than I wanted too.  I have no Russians and I had no plans to get any either, as Nathan has hundreds of them already.  However, a single platoon only costs about £30 including support, so it may well be that you see some Eastern front types appearing on the painting line soon.  The Katyushas will probably end up on ebay, they don't really fit into a CoC game.  I have modeled them as one loading with Peter Pig loading figures and the other firing, making use of some pipe cleaners that I have here.  It looks quite good with a ball of cotton wool behind it.

Gaming has been mostly Chain of Command.  I had a visit from an old friend who played a game against my son Michael last week.  He isn't really into WW2, being more of a horse and musket man but he had a good game and seemed to enjoy it.  I then put on a game at the Devon Wargames meet, with Michael (again) and Everett ganging up on, and managing to defeat, Andy.  Again, they all seemed to enjoy it.  Last Monday was gangster night, playing a homegrown game put together by Zob.  Don Taffleoni was doing alright when we finished, but the "Pink Fluffy" Don (aka Andy Noel) won.  Seems to work pretty well and most of us had a good time.

Off now to start painting something else.  Maybe some 25mm zombies, maybe some 15mm WW2 French, probably some more Napoleonic British.  Have fun and keep rolling those dice.

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