Saturday, 20 February 2010

First Posting

Hello and welcome to my wargames blog. Introductions first, I am Jason, a Welsh exile living Devon, near Exeter, with my wife and 2 kids (the other 2 have moved out). My interests are WW2 and Ancients gaming, but I also play and own far too many other periods to mention. They will gradually appear on here as time goes by.

Currently I am painting some 15mm Napoleonics (not for me though) and 15mm WW2 (MINE!!!). I also have 25mm WW2 infantry and vehicles, 25mm Ancients, 25mm Medieval and 25mm ACW on the to-be-painted list. Here are a few pictures of some of my attempts at painting.

First up is a 15mm 8.8cm Flak gun for my PBI2 force. Lovely stuff, the model is by Battlefront/Flames of War. They are painted up as Luftwaffe, hence the slightly blue uniforms.

This is one of my Bolt Action 25mm Germans, part of a Panzergrenadier force, over 50 figures and 11 vehicles so far they have yet to win a game

Here are the opposition for the Germans, some of my 25mm British Paras. Again they are Bolt Action figures and there are 49 painted so far.

And here are some of my 25mm Warlord Games Celts. My celtic horde is ever expanding, but has been pushed to one side by more modern periods at the moment.

Well that's the first post done. I'll update occasionally, you just see if I don't!

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